Seven Transformation Pack

Seven Transformation Pack 5.1

Bring a touch of Windows 7 to your PC

Seven Transformation Pack is a tool that makes your older Windows operating systems appear like Windows 7. View full description


  • Aeropeek function
  • Very customizable


  • Doesn't tell you exactly what new features it provides
  • Slightly buggy


Seven Transformation Pack is a tool that makes your older Windows operating systems appear like Windows 7.

Windows 7 was released with lots of pomp and circumstance. Those that shelled out for the new OS are probably sitting back and playing with all the cool features as we speak, but what if you can't - or don't want - to upgrade? That's where transformation packs come in.

There are plenty of options for making your system at least look like you have Windows 7 installed, as you can see from this how to tutorial at OnSoftware. One of the programs mentioned is Seven Transformation Pack.

The new, improved Seven Transformation Pack makes a few subtle changes, obviously influenced by the final version of Windows 7. The installation process is a little slow and requires a restart, as does almost any change you make after the program has been installed. Seven Transformation Pack has a welcome screen where you can configure the features yourself, as well as performing a few other tasks, such as repairing system files and joining an online community. Bear in mind that Seven Transformation Pack uses several third party applications to get the full Windows 7 look. There's a certain risk involved in this, but Seven Transformation Pack warns about it and the decision is ultimately yours.

Once installed, Seven Transformation Pack would definitely fool an onlooker into thinking you had the newest Windows operating system installed. The toolbar, desktop and start menu all have a real Windows 7 feel, right down to the Aeropeek function and window style. Obviously once you start to click around, you'll see what's missing, but program features such as WinFlip and ViStart certainly help to get that Windows 7 sparkle.

Seven Transformation Pack still isn't revolutionary, but it will definitely give you a taste of Windows 7


  • Fixed infamous welcome center being in used while reinstalling
  • Fixed missing taskkill.exe error in some machines
  • Fixed potential dwwin.exe errors during shutdown
  • Fixed shutdown dialog resource patching glitches when new updates are available
  • Fixed unsubscribing to Windows X's Live failure in Welcome Center
  • Improved deferred launcher to give startup applications lower priorities for better system performance
  • Updated ViGlance build to official release in website
Seven Transformation Pack


Seven Transformation Pack 5.1

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